Strawberry Sunset 1-Player (Solo) Variant

If playing Strawberry Sunset by yourself the core game play is similar with a few key differences. 


Separate and shuffle the discrete decks like normal, but starting with Sunset make 3 rows of cards with 3 cards in each facing down. Repeat this with Noon, and Sunrise cards. Flip the top card of every row and deal yourself an additional starting Sunrise card as the starting plot for your garden. 

On your turn you can pick a face up card, and add it to your garden like in the base game ruleset. 

However once you have placed a card in your garden, you must select a face-up card to go into the compost pile. Just like in the base game, each stage of the cards will have a discrete compost pile. 

After the first turn, you can recover a card from a compost pile and add it to your garden, if you do so, you still must discard a face up card. 

Once you have placed the discarded card into the compost, you must flip over the next unrevealed card in a row and start your next turn. 


If a row has no cards left in it the game is over. 

If you scored more than 30 points in your garden you have won the game. You are encouraged to keep track of your high scores and attempt to break personal bests.