Bring stellar factory to your Bookstore, GIFTSHOP, or FLGS

Games, puzzles, and more that speak for themselves on your shelves.

All of our products are designed with beautiful visuals and intriguing packaging. On the inside of the boxes, you'll find great quality components coupled with simple instructions.

Our unique game and puzzle experiences help cultivate more analog play with friends and family.

Hundreds of Happy Stores and Counting


Great products, only surpassed by greater customer service.

Shall We Play?

Las Vegas, NV


Great game company, with outstanding titles and products!


San Francisco, CA


Games sell themselves! Attention-grabbing box art and easy to follow game description on the back.

Just Games

Lexington, VA


Love the selection of games. Fast shipping and reliable. We’ve ordered a few times now and will continue to order.

Le Monkey House

Culpeper, VA


Can't keep the card games on the shelves!

Local Goods Colorado

Lafayette, CO

We're on Faire too

Although we'd love to work with you directly, we understand the Faire marketplace can be a bit more competitve with their terms. No matter the channel you decide to purchase from, you'll recieve top-notch service as symbolized by our Top Shop award, given to the best shops on Faire.

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