Our Studio and History

Stellar Factory is a small product and game design studio, based in Boulder, CO. Founded in 2014, Stellar Factory’s mission is to use well-designed goods and experiences to bring people together, encouraging playfulness and joy.

Stellar Factory’s initial project was the creation of one of the first escape rooms in the United States, Enigma Escape Rooms. Stellar Factory’s experience in interior design, game design, and graphic design were utilized to construct an experience that would be enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors, from all over the country and world. In 2015, Enigma Escape Rooms expanded to a 2nd location, and now employs over 15 people in Colorado.

But the fun didn’t stop there! In late 2015, Stellar Factory launched its first Kickstarter campaign. Through collaboration with Henry Smith, Stellar Factory created a tabletop version of the popular multiplayer mobile game, Spaceteam. The game was a success, raising over $200K. This success would encourage Stellar Factory to launch another arm of the studio, focusing on creating functional and enjoyable goods and games designed to bring people together.

In 2017, Stellar Factory launched their 2nd Kickstarter project, for their new tabletop game, Ravine. After a 30-day campaign, the game exceeded the success of their previous game Spaceteam, by raising over $315K with 7,000 backers around the globe. During its campaign, Ravine became the #1 most popular Kickstarter project, and received coverage from news outlets like Forbes Magazine and The Daily Dot.

Today, Stellar Factory’s products can be found in over 500 stores across the United States, including Barnes & Noble and Powell Books.