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Clean vs. Dirty Dishwasher badge

Minimally designed and laser-etched onto vibrant alder wood, CLEAN VS. DIRTY is a quick communication badge for your dishwasher. This badge helps you keep track of the status of your dishes, without having to open your dishwasher to check. It works seamlessly with both metallic and non-metallic dishwashers, and rotates to display your preferred status of either Dirty or Clean.

  • Works on both magnetic and non-magnetic dishwashers!

  • Includes an adhesive velcro piece if you have a non-magnetic dishwasher.

  • Just turn it 180 degrees to switch between Clean and Dirty.

  • Large and easily readable from afar. Badge is 2.5" in diameter.

  • Made with 1/4" thick alder wood and laser-etched for a natural look.

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