Everyday Carry Games

Gaming whenever possible is a high priority for us - that’s why many of our games are light and compact. Each game below are under a pound, and fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect to forget about until you’re ready for spontaneous game session.

At Stellar Factory, we’re known to carry around at least 3 different games in our bags. Whether it gets pulled out at lunch with a friend or a quick break with the co-workers, you’ll be happy to have them nearby.




3.3 OZ. | 2.6 X 0.6 X 3.6 INCHES

One minute you're a Villager, defending your theoretical home with every fiber of your being. The next, you're a Werewolf, framing your friends and accusing them of wanting to destroy your village, when really it's you who's been infiltrating it all along. Each game becomes an epic phenomenon, designed to test your personal judgement and moral character.

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6.4 OZ. | 2.8 X 2.8 X 2.5 INCHES

Peek & Push is a 2-player strategy game that puts your memory to the test. Create a set or run before your opponent does, and you win! The game begins with all of the tiles face down. Peek to see the contents of a tile, or Push a row or column to shift the board. But be careful, don't lose track of tiles you’ve already uncovered! It’s your move, will you Peek or Push?

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Peak Playing Cards feature Colorado mountains with elevations of at least 14,000 feet, known as Fourteeners. These mountains bring beauty and thrill to all who choose to explore them. Each card represents a different mountain, with minimal line art design displaying its unique shape and elevation.

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